WOESTYN-ROOS ( Women Enhancement)

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Package contains 6 Pink capsules and 3 sachets of Stumilating lube

Doses 2 pills and 1 bag of gel Instructions are as follows:


Woestyn-Roos - will Boost the Estrogen,

Testosterone and Progesterone and balance these 3 hormones out to that will cause Sexual Desire and Arousal.


After taking 2 of the Woestyn-Roos Pills wait around 40 min and apply Woestyn-Roos Gel to the Clitoris area this will Boost the Estrogen hormone which will produce natural Vaginal Lubricant and Boost more sexual desire

 Our unique gel formulation is proven to work very well with the Hormone balancing pills “pink pills” and combined will restart any females Sexual Desire.


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